Current Exhibition
My inspiration for The Bond Man Collection came from many years of visits to Sunday showhouses all over Cape Town. Spending a few minutes in a stranger's house gives you a snapshot of their lives. Some people fill their homes with beautiful art, some prefer understated minimilism and others make do with faded prints from the seventies. It seems that something of our personality is reflected in the works we choose to adorn our homes.

It occured to me that there is a definite synergy between investing in property and acquiring art. The Bond Man Collection allows me to combine two of my passions: the serious business of mortgage origination and a fun pursuit of indulging my love of the visual arts. It provides a forum to showcase the works of South African artists, be they well-renowned or unknown.

If sourcing the most competitive interest rate and shamelessly playing one lender up against another is the serious part of my business, then The Bond Man Collection is the lighthearted flip side. My top priority and core focus will always be to secure the best home loan for my clients, but there's more to life than that!

Gary Peterson - The Bond Man Art Collection