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Issue 2 / June 2005

This newsletter marks the end of the first year of business for The Bond Man.
It’s been an exciting time for me personally, both in terms of coming to grips with running this wonderfully organic thing called “my own business”, to marvelling each day at how business seems to materialise for a one-man show, in the face of huge corporate competition. It is reassuring to know that a solitary mortgage originator, with no contractual ties to real estate companies, can secure bonds totalling R120 million in a twelve month period. A big “thank you” to all my clients who have entrusted me with their mortgage requirements.

Gary Peterson
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I invite you to play around with the new Bond Calculator on my website, which allows you to input a few variables to determine, for example, how a voluntary increase in your monthly repayment can significantly shorten the term of your bond. Conversely, it will also show how increasing your bond will affect your repayment. Provided you’ve registered an appropriate “access facility”, you can use the equity in your property to finance anything: an overseas trip, a renovation of your home or simply to take advantage of whatever investment opportunities may arise.

With interest rates at a 30-year low, you may be surprised at how affordable it is to unlock the wealth in your home.

  • Interest is charged only when you use the funds and you have the flexibility to repay the amount you’ve used at any time, with no pre-payment penalty.

  • You can’t “put your home loan to work” unless you’ve actually registered an appropriate access facility. It makes sense to use the free services of a mortgage originator to arrange this and take the hassle out of dealing with the banks.
Please call or email me to discuss your requirements.

Special giveaway

Clients who register an access facility as a result of this newsletter will receive a stunning, limited-edition pen, with compliments of The Bond Man.


Freeing up the wealth in your property can be cheaper than you think. Accessing an extra R100 000 from your bond will add as little as R870 to your monthly repayment. You can use the funds for whatever you wish - and enjoy the flexibility of repaying either the minimum monthly requirement, or in lump-sums, with no pre-payment penalty.

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